Specialized knowledge helps everything. From hanging posters to digital advertising. In Atlanta, hanging a poster in Buckhead at night can get you ticketed, arrested or beaten by the police. Hanging  the wrong poster in Zone 6 or Mechanicsville can get you assaulted or worse. Those same posters placed in the right places & at the right times can multiply traffic to your personal playlist or merch site or youtube channel or VIP ticket purchases for tours, etc. 

Lots of ppl pay our street team to hang up posters that aren’t designed for any purpose. The letters aren’t large enough – the poster size is small or the material is flimsy – the design being made with no intention  – yield no results. The difference when we design is the prominence of the truly important info. 

Released product promo info: who, what, where, ACTION. 

Coming product promo: who, what, when, ACTION. 

Branding promo: who is label, who  is artist.

The CEO Whisperer

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