Reality vs Perception

What’s more important to you: popularity or wealth? They’re 2 totally different things that most of our clients have completely confused.

Instagram followers aren’t an indication of musical success

A  Spotify follower is worth much more than an Instagram follower.

Imagine an artist mentioning their own brand and website as much  as they mention already successful designer. Imagine the impact their own words can have on their own fanbase – influencing but not begging fans to support – by bragging about the label and artist brand. Imagine if YFN Lucci made every hot Gucci design into an urban version under the brand Lucci….and every YSL hot design as YFN – flipping other designs into his own branded fashion. As much as he mentions YFN in his raps, surely some of his 2 million monthly spotify listeners or nearly 4 million instagram followers would support his entrepreneurial efforts. 

Even  if they clicked to the website and didn’t buy – we have the cookie on their device and their email & ig name and  possibly phone number for future marketing purposes.

– The CEO Whisperer

The instagram route  to music fame requires consistency at presenting dope content –  INSTANT unique engagement from artist – mixed in with dope content – influencer  outreach – targeted advertisements & scheduling.

So many fail to realize that an instagram following isn’t necessarily a fanbase – while a musical following IS the source of success. Too many budgets are wasted on shortcuts, schemes, ‘common sense’ ideas & outdated concepts.



Specialized knowledge helps everything. From hanging posters to digital advertising. In Atlanta, hanging a poster in Buckhead at night can get you ticketed, arrested or beaten by the police. Hanging  the wrong poster in Zone 6 or Mechanicsville can get you assaulted or worse. Those same posters placed in the right places & at the right times can multiply traffic to your personal playlist or merch site or youtube channel or VIP ticket purchases for tours, etc. 

Lots of ppl pay our street team to hang up posters that aren’t designed for any purpose. The letters aren’t large enough – the poster size is small or the material is flimsy – the design being made with no intention  – yield no results. The difference when we design is the prominence of the truly important info. 

Released product promo info: who, what, where, ACTION. 

Coming product promo: who, what, when, ACTION. 

Branding promo: who is label, who  is artist.

The CEO Whisperer